About The Foundry CQB




The Foundry CQB was opened in conjunction with Johnsons of Leeds to make Airsoft more readily available to the Leeds area.


The Foundry CQB's modern indoor facility is a 360-degree multi-level environment designed to test and develop the skill of the players using less-than-lethal munitions.


This exciting facility welcomes airsoft enthusiasts looking for a superior military simulation experience.


The fast-moving force-on-force scenarios played out in the adaptable landscape serve to constantly test the players' physical and mental agility.



At The Foundry we take safety very seriously, to ensure that you can have lots of fun and still go home without injury please read the following site rules.

Minimum age for playing at The Foundry is 14. Anyone under 16 MUST have a parent or guardian present on site at all times, even if they ARE NOT playing.

Any one under 18 must ware full face protection. 18+ must ware minimum of eye protection we do however recommend everyone wear full face.

1. Do not remove your eye protection while in the game arena even after a game has finnished you may only remove your face protection once you have returned to the safe zone.

2. Do not cheat call, cheat calling is where you start telling/shouting at other players that they are breaking the rules, if you have an issue tell a Marshal and they will deal with it.

3. Do not overkill anyone, it only takes 1 BB to kill someone in game, you do not need to shoot some one a dozen times especially at close range.

4. Always remove the magazine from your gun and clear your weapon by firing a couple of shots before leaving the game arena and entering the safe zone.

5. Do not blind fire, blind firing is where you can’t see the target you are shooting at and you are blindly firing over an barrel or round a corner. If you can’t see what you are shooting at you could be causing injury to other players.

6. Do not climb up any structure your feet should be on the ground at all times, this is for your own safety as its all to easy to fall and cause yourself or others an injury.

7. Take your hits, if in doubt call hit, airsoft is a game of honesty.

8. Green lasers are not allowed on site.

9. CO2 Moscart shells are not allowed on site.

10. All rubber knives must be able to bend in half, no steel rod training knives.

11. All single use pyro must be Enola Gaye or TLSFX, if you use another brand we can not guarantee you will be able to use it.


1. Eye protection MUST be worn at all times unless in the Safe Zone or instructed otherwise by the Marshal. players under 16 / or requires a counter signatory to play must wear a full face mask at all times.

2. We recommend full face masks, gloves with hard knuckles, boots with ankle protection.

3. Players may not have on their person any real knives or syringes of any description.

4. Alcohol and/or illegal substances may not be brought or consumed on site.

5. No physical contact is allowed at any time unless in compliance with game rules.

6.There will be no firing of any weapons in the Safe Zone.

7. No messing with Fire safety kit or Shooting at the fire equipment.

8. No climbing up walls and be careful of uneven ground.

9. No shooting at the Marshals.

10. The Marshals decision on all matters is finial.

11. No shooting at the lights.

12. No dry firing of weapons in the safe zone.

13. Any and all boundaries set by the Marshal must be adhered to at all times.

Pyrotechnics Issues and Rules:

14. Pyro is allowed Up to Mark5 on the site this includes, grenades, flashbangs , BFG's

15. If it bangs at all its to be thrown UNDER ARM.

16. Smoke grenades are not permited on site we have a smoke machine which is only to be operated by the Marshall

FPS (Feet Per Second) and Ammunition's Rules:

1. Players own weapons will be chronographed before start of play

2. AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) and GBBR rifles must fire at 350 FPS or below.

3. No Dmr or Sniper riles

4. Illegal ammo on our sites include Teflon coated, Nickel coated, Carbon powder coated rounds, Ceramic, Glass and Metal. Do not bring them.

5. No Tag rounds

6. Minimum BB weight limit is .20g and is the regulation weight for Choreographing, Random Chrono will occur throughout the day and anyone found using hot weapons will be asked to leave the site NO REFUND.


Services at The Foundry CQB


Single Player Game

Book your game using this link for a fun filled half or full day. Choose the date how long you want to stay and if you need hire equipment.





Group Bookings

If your booking for more than one player use this link to book the number of players half or full day the date and how many hire packages you will need.


Private Games

Use this link for a private full or half day game play. pre book the game date number of players and hire equipment needed and have the site to yourselfs.